Santa Cruz is a wonderful small, progressive town on the central coast of California, nestled into mountains that teem with giant redwood trees. We celebrate the abundance of fresh, organic produce and local wineries that come with living in a temperate Mediterranean climate.

Transportation in and around Santa Cruz

Public transportation within Santa Cruz is great, with inexpensive bus passes available through the University. Santa Cruz is also very bike friendly, but having a car is great for getting away to the mountains, driving down the coast to Big Sur, or heading up to San Francisco for the day.

Activities at UCSC

Students and postdocs can participate in many activities through UCSC sponsored associations, or take advantage of the miles of hiking and biking trails on campus. Our Wellness Center offers a full gym and cardio center that overlooks Monterey Bay, while the OPERS facility sponsors intramural sports leagues, outdoor sports courts and a 50m swimming pool.

Outdoor activities

The weather in Santa Cruz is temperate all year round, typically with foggy mornings and breezy, warm afternoons. Santa Cruz is extremely outdoor friendly – with gorgeous beaches and redwood forests just a few miles from campus. Santa Cruz is the home of some of the best cold water surfing off the California coast –if you’re adventurous, give it a try or just watch like the rest of us!

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