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Postdoctoral positions

We’re always interested in hearing from postdoctoral candidates interested in studying the mechanistic basis of circadian rhythmicity. We’re looking for candidates with a strong background in protein biochemistry and solution NMR spectroscopy, x-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy or deep knowledge of the biology of circadian rhythms. Please send a brief statement of your research interests, career goals and a CV with a list of three references to Carrie.

Graduate students

Please apply to the Graduate Training Program in Biomedical Science and Engineering or the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Deadlines are typically in late Novermber to early December.

Undergraduate students

Sorry, we aren't planning on taking any more undergraduate research assistants for the current academic year.  We typically recruit new undergraduate research assistants in spring quarter for full-time work over the summer (and continuing on the next academic year).  If you're interested in joining the lab, please email Carrie towards the end of winter quarter with a brief statement of your interest in the lab.

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